Why Einstein Would’ve Made a Good Poker Player

Thanks to cheesy Hollywood movies, some people think that poker is all about mindgames: outwitting the opponents, making a cool bluff. Take the phrase “poker faced”: expressionless, unreadable. They get the impression that Poker is about knowing how to tell a good lie. Well, possibly, but some “mindgames” are basically about good math. Yes, math. If you want to spend the whole evening working on your acting, join a theater group. This game requires some computation, analysis, and at the very least, the ability to multiply.
For example, the best poker players can look at a hand and generate a series of probabilities. “Hmmm…I’ve got about a 1 in 8 chance of hitting a set with this pocket pair…”
“Let me see…I’ve got a 1 in 3 chance of completing a flopped flush draw by the river.” It’s common sense, actually. Before you throw your retirement funds to the wind, you need to have a pretty good idea of whether or not your hand actually has a fighting chance.
So maybe that expressionless face isn’t just a technique to rattle other players. It’s busy minds at work, mentally reviewing the statistics charts and what move they should make, given the odds.
Of course, it takes more than a genius for numbers to win a poker game. Think Einstein: he didn’t discover the Theory of Relativity just by being able to compute for the square root of 3,500,942. It’s also the ability to make mental experiments. “If I add this, if I change that…” Or, “What can I do to make this hand better?” That’s called reviewing your options, making predictions-the difference between a calculator and a scientist, and a poker chart and a poker player.
That’s why a poker player should know the importance of outs. In a nutshell, outs are the number of cards that will improve your hand. A very simple formula is to count your outs, multiply them by two, and add one, and that’s roughly the percentage shot you have at hitting.
But is it worth it? Scientists do not waste their time on experiments that do little to advance their cause; Einstein would not have helped usher in the next scientific era if he was simultaneously studying the migration patterns of geese. It’s about focus, focus, focus-and knowing that while risks are part of the game, you’ve got to choose your battles. How do you that? Mathematics again. Take the percentage of winning you just calculated. “So, I’ve got a 20% chance of winning, says the Enlightened Poker Player, “is it worth it?” Some go by this process: divide the size of the current pot plus the money that will be added through future bets with the number of money you have invested. That 20% chance becomes “worth it” if what you stand to gain is say, $200 dollars more than your own bet. Mahkota QQ
So yes, you do need mind games in poker, but it takes more than the ability to lie through your teeth. From day one, prepare to know the numbers. Then you get to the fun part: counting your winnings.

Poker Bonus Codes Online to Make Your Poker Game More Fun

If you are fond of playing poker online, you would definitely want to assure yourself that you will be getting great deals that will allow you to have a more exciting gaming experience, right? If that is the case, then you should know that the best way to boost that bankroll through a poker game is through the use of poker bonus codes.
Are you aware that you can get such bonuses online if you were a regular player for sites which offers much more earning for their avid fans? It is necessary for you to take advantage of these bonuses that they are offering because it will either give you the opportunity to make it, or at lest give you more earning while you are playing poker online. You will not have to worry about getting access to the links for these poker bonus codes because online casinos offer an easy access to these links so you can claim the bonus easily.
These poker bonuses are best used when you are having a hard time winning a poker game. Such bonuses allow the players to cover such losses and in the end you may even find yourself emerging as the winner. This is one great opportunity that poker bonuses provide, and it is surely something that you should take advantage of as a serious poker player.
Most of the time, poker enthusiasts who actually feel that they cannot take losing the game one more time makes use of these poker bonus codes to keep them going. In doing this, they were able to regain composure while playing the game and eventually with all positivity they turn out to be the winner in the end. So in the end, they happen to be able to earn a bankroll for themselves because of using their bonus codes.
It’s definitely worth your time to be able to search for the right poker bonus codes online that will give you the benefits mentioned above when it comes to playing poker. These offers may vary from each other, and it depends on your strategy on how you will be using these bonuses to your advantage. Try evaluating on various types of bonuses and you’ll definitely find the right one to make playing poker online more fun.

Online Texas Holdem Poker Rigged – For And Against Info

Is Online Texas Holdem Poker rigged? In this article, we will discuss how players play online Texas Hold Em and if it is rigged or not.
Texas Holdem Poker is the game which is liked by almost every poker player. To play poker in their comfort zones many people prefer playing the game online.
This gives them mental satisfaction and the ambiance of home which makes them consider that before playing their cards they can think in much better fashion.
This facility has made Texas Holdem one of the most famous and preferred online poker game.
So, Is Online Texas Holdem Poker Rigged Or Not?
However there are many attributes attached to it. One that is mostly talked about is if online Texas Holdem Poker is really rigged?
The answer to this question can be, generally when a group of friends play poker offline, i.e. in real, the participants usually sit face to face and can observe the facial expressions of their opponents and of course the mannerism as well.
In this way it becomes quite simple for them to plan their next moves making the winning percentile high.
Online Texas Holdem Poker Rigged – The Limitations Of Online Poker
On the other hand when poker is played online the participants do not have the privilege to observe the body languages of their opponents, hence placing higher boots just like that.
The consequences of the same, sometimes, may be of losing the game, thus leaving many of the losing participants feel that the game is rigged.
Online Texas Holdem Poker Rigged – Advantages Of Online Poker
Also, if online poker was rigged there would not have been innumerable people participating in this grossly popular virtual game.
One of the main features in any online poker game is that one can use “no deposit bonus” facility which makes him earn a decent amount of money without investing even a single cent from his pocket.
With the help of this feature a participant can earn wholesome money without paying much attention on the body languages and the facial aspects of his opponents as he knows that even if he loses, it will be a virtual loss which would never affect his real bank balance.
To conclude, every online game has both winning and losing probabilities depending upon the various playing scenarios.
Texas Holdem online poker is considered comparatively a much safer game as losing percentile is much lesser while playing. That is why the players of this particular game have one sentence to say about winning which is, “sky is the limit”.